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Tesco Strawberry Credit Card
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21 Months

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3 Months

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Tesco Bank Purchases Credit Card is a no-brainer for anybody who regularly shops at Tesco stores. It not only offers generous rewards when you shop at Tesco, but also accrues Clubcard reward points when you purchase fuel.  Fuel is one expensive, so why not get rewarded for something that you have to buy anyway. You can even earn Clubcard reward points when you shop at other stores so you can build your Clubcard reward card balance even when you shop online or pay other bills.

Clubcard reward points are great. Every three months, your Clubcard reward points will turn into vouchers to offset your Tesco purchases. The more points that you accrue, the higher the vouchers will be. It is as if you are being rewarded to shop, even if you don’t shop exclusively at Tesco.

You do need a good credit score to be approved for this card, so it is not ideal for a person who is looking to build up credit from scratch. However, it is an excellent card for a person who has accrued a little debt that they would like to consolidate into a lower monthly payment because balance transfers accrue no interest for the first 3 months. That’s 3 months of interest that you can save just by switching the balance to this card. You can spend the money that you would have spent paying interest on something else, and be rewarded for it. How great is that?

This card is an excellent choice for a person who is looking for a credit card to keep long term in order to increase their average age of credit, and thereby increasing their credit score. It has no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry if an annual fee outweighs the benefits that you will be receiving. You also don’t have to worry about ever cancelling it. A reward card that does not charge you an annual fee and allows you to accrue valuable Clubcard reward points for every purchase you make is a card that every savvy shopper should definitely have in their wallet.

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