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SCHEELS Visa Credit Card
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Scheels Visa Credit Card is a card that any regular Scheels shopper should consider. It features amazing benefits that allow you to accrue 3 points for every Scheels purchase and 1 point for every purchase made outside of Scheels. That is an amazing benefit. You don’t have to limit yourself to shop exclusively at Scheels in order to earn points. So you can feel confident in knowing that when you use your card for other purchases, or to pay household bills, you will still be accruing points.

A unique feature that the Scheels Visa Credit Card offers is that they automatically send you a $25 gift card when you accrue 2500 points. That means that you don’t have to monitor your spending habits, or worry about points going unused and expiring. The Scheels Visa Credit Card does that for you.

The Scheels Visa Credit Card allows you to customize your card by selecting the design that best fits your style. It also allows you to monitor your FICO bank card score via your monthly statement and when you access your account online so you will always know where your credit score is, without having to pay a service to monitor it for you.

Another great feature of the Scheels Visa Credit Card is that it offers First Guard Zero Liability. This protects you from being responsible for any fraudulent purchase made with your card so you don’t have to worry about paying for items or services that you did not receive.

This card isn’t only for people who have excellent, or even great credit. So if your credit score isn’t as high as you would like it to be, The Scheels Visa Credit Card still wants your business. It will provide you with the same features and benefits of more exclusive cards while you build your credit score. You don’t have to wait.

The Scheels Visa Credit Card offers a lower APR for purchases and balance transfers made within the first few months of account opening. So if you have a balance that is accruing vast amounts of interest, or plan on making a large purchase in the near future, the Scheels Visa Credit Card is one that you should definitely consider.

Ratings and Reviews

26 Reviews for SCHEELS Visa® Credit Card Reviews

  1. Kayla

    For whatever reason they have a hard time processing payments. Mines been pending for two weeks. They still haven’t taken the money out of my account and when you talk to somebody it’s always “it will be taken out the next day” still hasn’t been taken out. Once this is paid off I will be canceling. It’s like they’re trying to hurt my credit and send me to collections.

  2. Skyler Foral

    Had the worst experience I have ever had dealing with customer service. Paid off a 11,000 credit card with them and had one late fee and they lowered my limit to $800. I wouldn’t recommend this card to anyone. If this is how they treat customers that pay off big balances. Terrible!!!!

  3. Trevon Unruh

    Absolutely love this card! Simple online site. Increased my credit line without me asking. The automatic gift cards are great! I give them out to the neighborhood boys for chores around the farm🙂! They love that. I spend over 25,000 a year and they increase your rewards to 5 points for every dollar spent in store and 1.5 points for every dollar spent other places! Keep up the work!!

  4. Erik

    Absolutely terrible. Scheels is one of my favorite stores but they need to choose a different company to handle their credit card. The scheels customer service is completely opposite of the company who.handles their CC. I was told my credit limit was lowered (basically rendering the card useless) because I had been using the card for the first time in almost a year! They stated something about my credit and “deviant behavior”. I just received a letter from my bank’s CC increasing my credit limit because of my good credit. Canceled the scheels card, hopefully they will reevaluate who they use as a CC company.

  5. TL

    SO frustrating that it links this card to my bank account, but I can’t see my credit account listed at all to be able to pay the bill. The phone system worked fairly well, but was annoyed as I had to have all my bank information versus paying from a debit card. I also thought was interesting how they tried to get you out of paying your bill that you can call to cancel the payment, clearly they are trying to make people not pay. I will make sure to see if they charge me a fee as I paid in full, after reading others comments. Although I can’t even see my statement anywhere!! Thank god I only made two purchases on this card and know what those amounts were. I am super upset with this system!!! WORST EVER!

  6. Ashad Rumelle

    DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT SCHEELS. I only applied for the card for points because i was making a big purchase. They continued to tell me itd get points on my purchases without the card. I spent 1300$ in their store for the bonus and points. 3 weeks later I find out I was declined because Im 18 and dont have enough credit history, for a garbage credit card thats only there to get people to spend money in their overpriced store. I was supposed to be getting 125$ with the bonus and points but thats gone now. I WILL NEVER BE SPENDING MONEY AT SCHEELS AGAIN.

  7. Tommy

    They started me out at 3000 at Christmas time two years ago used it was making payments then paid it off in one lump sum they decided to do a credit check lowered it to 1000 credit limit. Which brought my credit down used it recently they decided to close my account asked why they said i had to many inquiries in 12 months and to many accounts with balances my payment history is perfect i had 3 inquiries and just as many accounts as i did when i started with them. They mess with people’s credit to much wish they credit companies would step in on them.

  8. Mike

    Can’t do anything if you don’t make your account online SOON as you get your card. Mine was misplaced before I made my account and hold time is 30 to 40 minutes just to report my card lost. Seriously? There are zero options to contact them via chat, and no call backs. I just LOVE waiting 30 to 40 minutes on hold.

  9. Geof

    The whole “gift card” thing seems to be a scam. Got this card in July, and my August statement showed “12,500 points automatically redeemed” but I never got any gift cards. My September statement showed “5,000 points automatically redeemed” but again, no gift cards. And my October statement showed “17,500 points automatically redeemed” and still no gift cards. I’ve called First Bank customer service every month (several times), and every time they have a different story as to why I haven’t gotten my gift cards and/or when I can expect to see them. My paper statements arrive within a few days of the date they are issued, but no gift cards. So after three strikes I’ve stopped using this card and will go back to using other cards that actually do reward my purchases. Has anyone ever actually received a gift card from these scammers?

  10. Eric Clark

    Scheels and their credit card offer at the checkout is a sham. I was offered $50 off if I applied for a Scheels Card. I normally so no thanks but hey for a cool $50 I’ll try it. There is a reason I normally say no and this experience reminded me why. I am escorted over to another counter, complete the quick app and I’m told its under review. They further explain it does not mean your denied “they just want to look at the app a little closer”. Here is a $50 coupon you can use once you get your new Scheels card. A couple of weeks go by and I expected to get the card in the mail later. I try to call the credit card company only to be trapped by an automated system that says I have been denied and I will be receiving a letter by mail. 16 days later still no letter and the denied part is laughable. I have a credit score over 800 and through multiple business make PLENTY of money that is documented through pay stubs and tax returns. This credit card offer is a total sham and now I’m reminded why I say no to these foolish offers.

  11. Ryan

    Im not the best at managing my bills, but i called and mentioned my plan to be better and start getting my credit profile back to excellent. They were happy to receive my large payment and mentioned i was in good standing, but in a week they dropped my limit a 1,000. Now my credit utilization is excactly the same. The supervisor i talked to made me feel like crap. I cant believe they would do this to someone that is making an attempt. Hey how about pausing the credit instead of slamming peoples credit. He talked to me like i was a child and told me to read their credit counseling. I was doing excactly what they said, make large payments to get your utilization down, i did and then they took it away. Should i cancel the card i asked? He said no that will hurt your credit. I asked will you cancel my card or drop my balance further as i continue to pay? He said its possible. I asked yes or no? He said you are asking hypothetical questions……….
    Basically all my other accounts will get my focus first. I could never run a business this way. Its possible it could cost you a fortune to do your bathroom tile ha! What insentive is there on a credit building approach and yes i have debt, and i need to pay it and im working on it,but this company is not working with me.
    If you are in a situation like me don’t count on them to be honest and dont make large payments, the large credit line drop will cost you at least 12 points. And yes it took years to do this to myself like the supervisor said but it takes a week for yhe them to ruin the credit you worked for a year for…….

  12. Donald Farnsworth

    Make payments on time never late. And they close account because computer came up with some bs saying I had delinquency and to many credit inquiries in last 12 months(2 inquiries. 1 was for mortgage) what a joke. CS agent said because computer did it there is nothing they can do. Let’s let computers run our lives. Let’s not call and talk to the customer. There is no customer service at first bankcard.

  13. Ali

    I have a 740 credit score min across all three bureaus and I was declined for a card today, doesn’t make much sense. It’s ok bc my Hilton Amex is offering 10x the points currently and I’ll be using that while I shop at rei instead. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Keene Fields

    I was a member for 5 years and on the forth year they decided to lower my credit limit to 1200. I had around 1809 on the card making a huge payment due immediately, luckily I had the money to pay it off. Months go down the road and now they have closed my account during this crisis (covid-19) lowing my credit score to a 680 from a 700. I make good money around 30,000 a month. When I asked them about the change they did not care about my issues or my credit score problem. Will they care about yours?

  15. Ellis Ahrens

    Never had a problem. I carry a zero balance. Just got up graded to a black card

  16. Chris

    Customer service is a joke! When I asked about why my balance was lowered after only 3 months, I was treated like I was trying to steal from them. Two different guys were rude. The first raised his voice and the second was a Supervisor! Total disrespect! I canceled the card and will never use this credit service again.

    • Kenneth J Rudi

      Personally I recommend Mills Fleet Farm or Cabela’s never had any problem with either one of them. Scheels is a joke . And I recommend taking your money elsewhere

  17. Cliff

    These people are ridiculous. I have good credit and they declined my application. You have lost a customer. I’ll take my business to Cabelas.

    • Kenneth Rudi

      I agree with you they decided my card I think because I have less than 10.000 grand in the back. And they wanted to know how much money I had on hand in cash and so on.

      • Kenneth J Rudi

        Every thing in the store is over priced anyway I always pay my bills on time . I’ve got over 30 thousand in credit i don’t need there’s

  18. Niema Ismael

    Will never recommend anyone

  19. Niema Ismael

    Worst customer service. Always paid full but still receive late fee and interest rates. Super disrespectful and always frustrating. Regardless of how
    Much you spend you don’t receive rewards points for your purchases. I requested a manger but refused to transfer my call or to solve the situation.

  20. Joe

    The most unreliable customer service ever. They lowered credit limit without telling me, after talking to customer service they said My credit score did not meet their standards. When I asked him what my credit score was they could not tell me and I asked them to look my credit score up again because it has not changed and if anything it is gotten better. I didn’t said they could not do that but I could reapply for the card it would be a hard hit on my report. Bottom line they are never wrong and don’t care how it affects the customer!

  21. BETH

    I use my card all month every month. I pay it off every 3rd of the month and reuse. I have had ZERO issues.

  22. Bonita McClanahan

    Very Frustrating I only want to pay my bill not have you take over my internet and home page. Will make payments in the store and once paid off will cancel the card. Trying to login on is to irritating every month. Your login needs a major overhaul.

  23. Amy

    Payment made on due date -statement always paid in full and never late, but received a late fee and interest fee.
    Refused to correct the situation

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