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SCHEELS Visa Credit Card
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Good (660 - 719)

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Scheels Visa Credit Card is a card that any regular Scheels shopper should consider. It features amazing benefits that allow you to accrue 3 points for every Scheels purchase and 1 point for every purchase made outside of Scheels. That is an amazing benefit. You don’t have to limit yourself to shop exclusively at Scheels in order to earn points. So you can feel confident in knowing that when you use your card for other purchases, or to pay household bills, you will still be accruing points.

A unique feature that the Scheels Visa Credit Card offers is that they automatically send you a $25 gift card when you accrue 2500 points. That means that you don’t have to monitor your spending habits, or worry about points going unused and expiring. The Scheels Visa Credit Card does that for you.

The Scheels Visa Credit Card allows you to customize your card by selecting the design that best fits your style. It also allows you to monitor your FICO bank card score via your monthly statement and when you access your account online so you will always know where your credit score is, without having to pay a service to monitor it for you.

Another great feature of the Scheels Visa Credit Card is that it offers First Guard Zero Liability. This protects you from being responsible for any fraudulent purchase made with your card so you don’t have to worry about paying for items or services that you did not receive.

This card isn’t only for people who have excellent, or even great credit. So if your credit score isn’t as high as you would like it to be, The Scheels Visa Credit Card still wants your business. It will provide you with the same features and benefits of more exclusive cards while you build your credit score. You don’t have to wait.

The Scheels Visa Credit Card offers a lower APR for purchases and balance transfers made within the first few months of account opening. So if you have a balance that is accruing vast amounts of interest, or plan on making a large purchase in the near future, the Scheels Visa Credit Card is one that you should definitely consider.

Ratings and Reviews

8 Reviews for SCHEELS Visa® Credit Card Reviews

  1. Chris

    Customer service is a joke! When I asked about why my balance was lowered after only 3 months, I was treated like I was trying to steal from them. Two different guys were rude. The first raised his voice and the second was a Supervisor! Total disrespect! I canceled the card and will never use this credit service again.

  2. Cliff

    These people are ridiculous. I have good credit and they declined my application. You have lost a customer. I’ll take my business to Cabelas.

  3. Niema Ismael

    Will never recommend anyone

  4. Niema Ismael

    Worst customer service. Always paid full but still receive late fee and interest rates. Super disrespectful and always frustrating. Regardless of how
    Much you spend you don’t receive rewards points for your purchases. I requested a manger but refused to transfer my call or to solve the situation.

  5. Joe

    The most unreliable customer service ever. They lowered credit limit without telling me, after talking to customer service they said My credit score did not meet their standards. When I asked him what my credit score was they could not tell me and I asked them to look my credit score up again because it has not changed and if anything it is gotten better. I didn’t said they could not do that but I could reapply for the card it would be a hard hit on my report. Bottom line they are never wrong and don’t care how it affects the customer!

  6. BETH

    I use my card all month every month. I pay it off every 3rd of the month and reuse. I have had ZERO issues.

  7. Bonita McClanahan

    Very Frustrating I only want to pay my bill not have you take over my internet and home page. Will make payments in the store and once paid off will cancel the card. Trying to login on is to irritating every month. Your login needs a major overhaul.

  8. Amy

    Payment made on due date -statement always paid in full and never late, but received a late fee and interest fee.
    Refused to correct the situation

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