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Required Credit Score
Excellent (Above 720) , Good (660 - 719)

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Pricing and Terms

Purchases Intro APR


Purchases Intro APR Period

15 months

Balance Transfers Intro APR


Balance Transfers Intro APR Period

15 Months

Regular APR

13.99% - 22.99%

Balance Transfer Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee


Annual Fee


The Chase Freedom credit card is a popular choice for consumers who love to shop, and be rewarded with generous cash back for every purchase they make. When you make a purchase with your Chase Freedom card, you will be awarded an unlimited 1% cash back for everything you buy. But wait, it gets even better. The Chase Freedom credit card offers 5% bonus cash back for revolving categories every quarter. You have the opportunity to ear 5% cash back on purchases up to $1500. That’s $75 cash, right back in your pocket. The categories change every quarter, but include categories that most shoppers spend a good portion of their money on shopping at anyway. Places like grocery stores, gas stations, or restaurants.

If you are thinking about applying for the Chase Freedom Credit Card, now is a great time to do it. The Chase Freedom Credit Card now comes with a generous bonus of $100 when you spend only $500 within 3 months of opening your account. That bonus is in addition to the cash back that you ear. Those savings really add up. You can also earn a $25 bonus for adding an authorized user, who makes a purchase within 3 months, to your account. The Chase Freedom Credit Card also offers a 0% introduction APR for purchases and balance transfers made in the first 15 months, so you can balance high-interest debt from other accounts, save money on interest, all while earning cash back on future purchases. The Chase Freedom Credit Card doesn’t even charge its customers an annual fee. So you can keep this card for the long-term, and never have to worry if the benefits it is providing you outweigh the annual fee because there isn’t one.
Because Chase is so generous in the rewards offered to Chase Freedom Credit Card holders, you need to have Good to Excellent credit for your application to be approved for this card. People who have a credit score that still needs a little more work, anywhere below 650, should wait to apply. They should however, and make this card one that they aspire to when their credit score is a little healthier.

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